To invite Michael to minster in your local church, conference,
or other Christian event, call: 888-OneVillage (888-663-8455)

Michael is available to minister during your regular church services; in addition he also provides churches with exciting seminars on the following topics:

I. Money and Credit Secrets – How to Have Financial Freedom Now!

Before I entered fulltime ministry I worked for a finance company. I completed four specialized courses in consumer finance. I learned the ins and outs of lending, credit, debt, financial dos and don’ts, and practical ways to use money for personal benefit. I learned the “inside secrets” that banks and financial institutions don’t want consumers to know. I operate my home and ministry completely debt free. Now I want to teach these life-changing secrets to you!

In this seminar your church will learn:

  • How to get our of debt rapidly

  • How to pay off your mortgage in fifteen years or less

  • The five habits for financial freedom

  • How to understand your credit and how to improve your credit score

  • Included with this seminar is a copy of Michael’s book,
    Money & Credit Secrets for each participant

II. How to Renew Your Mind – The Master Key to All Christian Growth

Every Christian has the opportunity to possess an exciting and fulfilling life packed with adventure and prosperity. This comes by adopting a new way of thinking. In this seminar I teach the foundational insights and revelation to finding the real and lasting change every Christian desires.

In this seminar your church will learn:

  • How to engraft your consciousness with the Word of God

  • Principles to having a Godly imagination

  • Change your thoughts and change your life

  • How to become what the Word is

III. Building a Dream Team In You Church

In “Building a Dream Team in Your Church,” you and your staff will learn what it really takes for the church to succeed, and you will discover the characteristics and Jesus modeled strategies of winning ministry teams. This seminar will empower church staff, leaders, and workers to become true champions for Christ.

In this seminar your church will learn:

  • The leadership secrets of Jesus

  • The three hallmarks of a leader

  • The seven habits of effective leadership

  • How to build a leadership team

IV. Healing – How to Live in the Wealth of God’s Health

People everywhere are interested in how not to hurt, how to have health, how to receive a miracle, and how to be healed. In this powerful seminar Michael teaches the principles of what he calls, “The Wealth of God’s Health.”

In this seminar your church will learn:

  • How to receive healing for a broken heart

  • How to get and keep your healing

  • God’s attitude toward sickness and willingness to heal

  • Healing for the five senses

V. Winning Our World – Engaging Evangelism Made Simple

Something happened. Remember when it happened to you? You were changed and transformed. Before you were born, God chose you and called you. What for? To reveal His son in you. In this seminar your church members inspired and energized to fulfill their purpose in life – telling those who don’t know the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In this seminar your church will learn:

  • Motivation – a world to win

  • Illumination – Christ in you

  • Occupation – the Devil is defeated

  • Realization – a vision for evangelism

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