As a world evangelist, Michael Morelli is guided by
a passion for Christ and a remarkable compassion for souls.

Saved and called to preach at age eighteen, Michael had an encounter with Christ, sensing His compassion for the lost and calling to reach them. After graduating from Oral Roberts University in 1990, Michael served various mission organizations, including Gospel for Asia and World Gospel Outreach. Michael’s calling as an evangelist continued to increase. After a season of prayer and fasting, God released Michael in 1995 to pursue his calling. Now, he travels extensively each year, evangelizing, church planting, establishing village evangelism teams, speaking in churches and conferences, and conducting leadership training. He has appeared as a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television Network, and many other Christian networks overseas. In addition to preaching in the United States, Michael has preached in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia, Guyana, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Chad, Cameroon, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Bulgaria, China, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh and India.

A Driving Vision . . .
Michael is founder and president of Morelli Ministries International, an organization dedicated to evangelizing and church planting around the world. His heart’s passion is calling the lost to personal faith in Christ Jesus. Through straightforward evangelistic preaching, he dynamically and effectively communicates the gospel to people of all ages. He teaches and preaches with clarity, boldness, and miracle confirmation. His ministry transcends denominational boundaries to take the gospel where it is needed most.
But it doesn’t stop there. Michael is driven by a vision not just to hold an evangelistic campaign, but also to develop a church where none exists. Aware that God does everything through and out of a local church, he firmly believes that every village, township, barrio, and city deserves a church to represent Jesus in that area, where new converts can be discipled and taught to reach others.

A Serious Commitment . . .
To accomplish this, Michael first holds evangelistic meetings and outreaches to reach the lost. Then he conducts his Vision for Evangelism Leadership Training, where he teaches the principles and secrets of effective soul winning. Next, he establishes village evangelism teams, training them and providing them with portable public address systems and other tools for remote village evangelism. So far, Michael has established twenty-five teams in Tanzania, ten in Cameroon and Chad, one in Nepal, two in India, and thirty in Rwanda, with the goal of establishing four thousand full-time village church planting teams. Through partnerships with believers who have a sincere desire to reach the lost, Michael is able to combine his efforts and their generous gifts to see souls saved, pastored, and trained to win others.

A Lasting Result . . .
Over 300 new churches later, the work continues. In just a short time, God has opened doors in over thirty countries, where Michael’s labors have resulted in twenty-two churches in Asia, two-hundred eighty-six in Africa, and more on the way.

A Contagious Passion . . .
Michael is the author of The Challenge of Compassion, written specifically for those who may be sensing a deeper evangelistic call on their lives and want to know how to identify that calling and what to do next; The Language of Heaven, written to help believers grow in their knowledge and application of the Word of God; A New Way to Live, written to help brand-new believers take their first steps of faith; and Let The Church Rise, written to call Christians to more fruitful service in the local church and beyond.
He has also recorded eight 16-hour Bible courses for Victory Bible Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma. These courses are used to train believers in the United States and in Bible schools all over the world. In addition, he works to develop materials for believers here and in overseas churches to follow up with new converts and reach out to others.
Through intense, practical leadership training, Michael fully imparts the tools necessary for believers to confidently pursue the Great Commission while stirring a passion in their hearts for lost souls. These training sessions often open the door for everyday believers to identify a true evangelistic call of God on their lives, and Michael works to help them and other young evangelists develop that calling.