Michael has worked with many Christian leaders who have shared on the impact of his labors for the Lord:

I've known Dr. T.L. since 1987. He has been a friend and mentor to whom I look up to.
This photo was taken during my ordination at Victory Christian Center.

“Your vision and passion to reach into the unreached villages and establish the voice of the church in every one of them that you can reach is formidable and is God’s priority. I think your vision is so similar to the vision of the early followers of Christ, as most of the early churches were founded or began within somebody’s house or village.”

Dr. T. L. Osborn

I had the unique opportunity to be invited to attend a face-to-face meeting with Reinhard Bonnke at his headquarters in Florida. We took this picture during the event and I had the chance to tell him how much his ministry has influenced my life.

“I studied your Master Plan and I really like your village strategy.”

Reinhard Bonnke

“Michael is truly a young general in the faith and represents world class leadership for this generation. I recommend him to you enthusiastically.”

Pastor Fred Rivers
Destiny Church

“It s a joy to commend Michael and his outstanding evangelistic ministry. I watched him flow so beautifully in the gift and office of the evangelist. I have watched only a few men operate with such grace as an evangelist: Billy Graham, T. L. Osborn, Luis Palau, and Michael Morelli. The anointing of God’s Spirit on him is obvious in the authority with which he ministers God’s Word and in the attending signs, and by the many who are saved and healed by his presentation of our all-sufficient Lord Jesus Christ.”

David Shibley
President, Global Advance

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the ministry of Michael Morelli. I have worked with many men of God around the world; most of the preachers are full of pride, and they are unreachable. Michael is a humble servant of God, down to earth. I admire his life and ministry. He is a source of inspiration.”

Bishop Washington Ngede
Power of Jesus Church

“Michael’s heart is for lost people to be saved, the sick to be healed and believers to be trained. He is reaching multitudes through his crusades and church planting.”

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty
Victory Christian Center