I want you
to be a servant to
the Servants of the Earth."

The Village Vision
“Winning Millions to Christ One Village at a Time”

The Vision

In 1996 while ministering in Uganda, my heart was drawn to Betty, a poor village girl. She was working as a domestic servant. I observed her tireless work, day after day, but as I smiled at her, she avoided the kindness. I learned that her previous employer had beaten her, and she had become afraid of people. I felt compassion for her and wanted to help.
I did what I knew to do…through an interpreter I shared the gospel with her and she joyfully accepted Christ.
As I pondered her life circumstance, the Lord challenged me with a question that forever ordained the focus and destiny for my life and ministry. He asked me, “Who serves the servants?” I thought, “Who serves the servants, no one! The job of a servant is to serve, not to be served.”
Then the Lord said to me, “I want you to be a servant to the servants of the earth. I want you to open the door of life to the needy. I want you to embrace lepers with love. This is my Bride and I love her. You have demonstrated love for her too. Now go, evangelize the villages!” Then the Lord revealed to me a unique mission called: The Village Vision, with the objective and vision of winning millions to Christ one village at a time.

The Strategy

Great Commission Campaigns
To evangelize multiple villages through mass open-air Good News healing festivals.

Leadership Training
To empower national pastors and evangelists with training and resources for winning and discipling the lost in their villages.

Evangelism Tools
To equip national pastors and evangelists with powerful tools for effective village ministry. These include: portable sound systems, tracts, bibles, bikes, motor scooters and mission vehicles.

Church Planting Teams
To sponsor national church planting teams to establish self-supporting churches in unreached villages.

To provide short-term trips for churches, youth groups, internships and individuals to participate in pioneer village ministry.

The Goal – by 2050

  • To conduct 100 great commission healing campaigns

  • To launch 4,000 village evangelism and church planting teams

  • To train 100,000 pastors and leaders in evangelism

  • To win one million souls a year to Christ

  • To establish 40,000 self-supporting churches

By God’s grace this vision is bearing much fruit – we have seen hundreds of thousands of souls saved, trained thousands of national workers, raised up multiple village evangelism teams and planted hundreds of churches among the unreached villages, all to the glory of God!